Installing and running PICPgm on MacOSX


To install the MacOS X version of PICPgm, extract the zip archiv in a directory in your home directory. Make sure that pgmifcfg.xml is located in the same directory as picpgm executable.

Note: This is the first MacOS X version of PICPgm which currently has some restrictions:

  • PICPgm on MacOS X only supports PICPgm USB programmer.
  • PICPgm must be called in the directory where the picpgm executable is located.
  • The configuration file pgmifcfg.xml needs to be in same directory as the picpgm executable.
  • To be able to use the PICPgm USB programmer on MacOs X the FTDI D2XX driver needs to be installed according to the instructions here.